Educating Slum Children

In Uganda, two-thirds (2/3) of children living in Kampala slums drop out of school before completing their primary education. Most slum children–67 percent–do not attend school. Out of the 91% children that enroll for primary school, 53% complete primary and only 34% complete secondary school education.

The lead cause of school dropouts in Uganda is mainly poverty. Most families survive on less than $1 per day and parents from such families often cannot afford to pay school fees OR MEET school requirements for their children.

To keep children from underprivileged families in school and promote quality education, ADEM Mission, under the “Educate a Child Sponsorship Program,” supports children with school fees and scholastic materials. These children are identified through ADEM Mission’s direct engagement in slum areas of Kampala and other areas of operation, from child-headed families and orphans to underprivileged homes.
Secondary Schooling

Institutions often referred to as a high school or a senior high school provide secondary education. Students are between the ages of 11 to 19, depending on location, after primary school and before higher education.

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